Shaheen Enclave Burhan

Burhan Project

Shaheen Enclave Burhan

Shaheen Enclave Burhan is one of the luxurious housing ventures developing in Burhan to deliver the best facilities and an ideal lifestyle to all its residents. Moreover, the developers are also keen to make it a fantastic residing place where all commodities are available at their doorstep in a gated community. Therefore, investing in this beautiful housing complex can help attain the ideal and dream living standards. And in this article, there will be all updates and details of this new housing venture. So, continue reading and know the perks of investing in Shaheen Enclave Burhan.

Owners & Developers

Shaheen Builders and Land Developers are building this magnificent housing community. Moreover, they aim to make it a legal and reliable residential option. Furthermore, they plan to create a living space that covers all the best living standards with high-quality architecture with world-class features. And the experts are working together day and night to make it an ideal and investment-worthy housing venture.

NOC Status

The legal status is what all investors look for before making any long-term investment. Moreover, the developers seek to make this housing venture legal. Therefore, they have submitted all the required documents to the concerned authorities. Furthermore, soon the good news of NOC approval will be in front of all potential investors and future residents. Lastly, this is the document that all investors must check and is the right of investors before investing. And that is simply because residential investment is not something all investors do daily.

Location & Map

The location will be the fascinating aspect of investing here, as it is at the Burhan Interchange. Moreover, it will be close to Burhan Railway Station and the CPEC Route. Furthermore, there will be high access points to reach this magnificent housing venture, including Wah Cantt, Hasan Abdal, GT Road, and Islamabad International Airport. All these access points also increase the worth of this new housing community. Moreover, we can say that this can be the best residential investment in the area, like Khyber City Burhan. Lastly, the map is here to give an idea of the exact location to all investors and future inhabitants.